Think of Yourself as a Manuscript (Review, revise, resubmit…)


Yesterday I took a short walk in town and observed the people around me.  Some were focused.  Others were in a hurry.  Many were lining up at the sport’s bar excited about football.  There is a small redwood tree park I walk through to get home and two men were jamming on their electric guitars on one of the pathway benches.  They had some real harmony going on and I wanted to stay and hang out,…

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Is Your Direction Purely Consumption?


We are a generation of insatiable consumers.  Everywhere we go there are advertisements working overtime on our human desires in order to get us to buy something we probably don’t need.  Commercials take up a third of our show’s airtime, and companies who have money to spend (like Apple and Pepsi) advertise their products right inside the shows we watch.  We are not only consumers of products,…

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Another Way to Look at Birds and Bees (Just BEEEEEE)

birds and bees

My mother had an experience where she was learning about being present.  When we are just learning about being present, the last thing we are doing is being present because we’re trying to “figure out” how to be present, which goes against the whole concept.  On one of her walks along a levee, she finally asked aloud, “What does it mean to just BE?”  She was serious when she asked this…

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More Than You Can Handle? Time to Reflect on What You’ve Been Asking For in Your Life


“God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”  Well, that’s just vague.  Human beings are incredibly resilient creatures.  We can handle just about anything, so the saying should be, “God knows you can handle more than youknow you can handle.”  That sounds about right.  There are times in my life where I’m carrying around a load bigger than me.  I’m an ant hauling around a crumb as big as a…

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If It Were My Last Day on Earth

Last day on Earth

A lot of times when I wake up in the morning I ask myself what I would do today if it was my last day on Earth.  I would most likely run as fast as I could, for as long as I could, and sing every song that came through my earphones aloud. I would dance on the sidewalk and in the street.  I would talk to every person I met.  I would hug just about everybody.  I would give what I had away to…

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The Hawk, The Beating of Your Own Drum, and the View During Your Life Journey


For a couple of years I noticed more hawks flying above me and coming into my experience than ever before.  When I finally decided to look up the totem meaning of a hawk, it was because a hawk was perched on a wooden fence during one of my morning runs down to the Berkeley Marina.  This was after noticing several hawks prior to the close encounter.  I ran to the Marina most mornings through a…

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Why I’m Suddenly Obsessing About the Number Zero


Zero is the greatest number of all.  You want to know why?  Are you curious?  Well, it’s a lot like the word, “surrender.”  If the number zero had a word counterpart (and it probably does, but I can’t find it online this morning), I would suggest that the word be “empty.”  When there is emptiness, there is endless possibility.  This is why zero is magnificent.  Zero is another way of saying “all…

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Changing Your Perspective Expands Your Life Experience

Flat Earth

A jet plane was moving quickly above me while I was driving to work yesterday, but the first thing I noticed was the thin white, expansive contrail.  It was an exceptionally clear morning and my brain was in an imaginative mood, so I sat at a stoplight pretending that I was looking up at a shooting star in broad daylight.  I thought about what it would be like if I were not of a society that…

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Not Knowing What Comes Next…

Wind Flowing

Once in a while I don’t have a topic to write about, so it comes as a gift and a surprise when a topic flows through my willing fingers.  I don’t worry about what to write about.  Rarely do I think much about my topic until I get ready to write.  It all comes to me in perfect timing and never do I have to stress about the words, my ideas, how I’m going to format my paragraphs, or who I’m…

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The Most Difficult Thing to Ever See is Yourself


“Clean up your side of the street.” – AA

“You hypocrite!  First take the blank out of your own eye so that you can see clearly, and then you can help remove your brother’s spec in his eye” – Jesus

It’s funny how clearly I can see other people’s problems while avoiding my own.  This is universal.  In the grand landscape of life, the most difficult thing to see is yourself.  I know now when I am…

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